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  • Re-imaged?  Now what?

    Once your tablet has been re-imaged, many of your tablet settings are lost.  Your Google Drive will also need to be synced again.  The pen may need calibrating, etc, etc. etc.  Below, find a guide with some of the basic settings you may want to adjust to get your tablet back up and running the way you like it.  

    Tablet Settings after Re-Imaging

    How to Backup before Re-Imaging

  • Update LockDown Browser

    This year you will need to update LockDown Browser before taking Moodle tests.  This procedure only takes seconds.  Please follow the simple steps below and Moodle testing should be free of issues.


  • 2014-2015 STM OneNote Planner

    The STM OneNote planner is a great way to keep yourself organized this school year. The planner includes a calendar for every week of the school year providing not only room for tests and assignments, but also school events and holidays.  It also includes a copy of the bell schedule, school map and grade scale.  

    2014-2015 STM OneNote Planner

  • Tablet Training Resources

    Regardless of how long you have been using the tablet, you are likely to forget basic and not-so-basic skills.  Below find a folder with all the resources from this summer's tablet training.  We hope they help you get back in the swing of school.  

  • Don't Forget to SYNC

    Follow THESE INSTRUCTIONS to sync your OneNote notebooks to Microsoft OneDrive and never worry about backing them up again.  It is especially helpful when you have to get a loaner.  You can download your notebooks onto the loaner from OneDrive within minutes.  In addition, the Microsoft OneNote app allows you access to your notebooks anywhere, any time. 


  • Customize Your Moodle Homepage

    Customize your user homepage in Moodle so you can see the courses you want to see in the order in which you want to see them.  No longer will you have to scroll down or search for the course you are looking for, especially those pesky hidden courses.


  • Technology Department:  A Few Gentle Reminders

    • Come with your tablet FULLY CHARGED every day, and remember to bring your charger.
    • During the school day, keep your tablet in the FLAK JACKET anytime it is not being used.
    • Do not leave your tablet unattended; lock it in your LOCKER at lunch and during PE .
    • Come by the library this week to REGISTER YOUR ID for Follow You printing.
    • RESTART your computer on campus every day.  It will better help us to help you, as we push updates and simple repairs to your tablet and software.
    • Do NOT put your SCHOOL ID in your pocket or backpack near your cell phone, because the phone will demagnetize  your ID.  You ID will no longer play nicely with the school printers.
    • SYNC ONENOTE NOTEBOOKS to Windows OneDrive.
    • The HELP DESK is open from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. every day; however, make every effort to attend to minor issues before school, during lunch or after school.   

  • Helpful HOTKEYS

    Most STM students spend more time browsing the web than in any other application.  Why not browse more efficiently.  Here are several more browser hotkeys to help you step up your game.

    • Ctrl+Tab = Switch to the next tab
    • Ctrl+Shift+Tab = Switch to the previous tab
    • Ctrl+Shift+T = Reopen the last closed tab
    • Ctrl+T = Open a new tab
    • Ctrl+N = Open a new browser window
    • Alt+F4 = Close the current window
    • Ctrl+F5 = Reload and skip the cache
    • Escape = Stop
    • Alt+Home = Open homepage
    • Ctrl and + = Zoom in
    • Ctrl and - = Zoom out
    • Ctrl+L = Focus the address bar so you can begin typing
    • Ctrl+F = Open the in-page search box to search on the current page
    • Ctrl+G = Find the next match of the searched text on the page
    • Ctrl+H = Open the browsing history
    • Ctrl+D – Bookmark the current website
    • Ctrl+P – Print the current page
    • Ctrl+S – Save the current page to your computer




    Don’t put your school ID near your cellphone.  It can demagnetize the ID which is needed for printing.  If your ID becomes demagnetized, you will have to either purchase another one, or type in your active directory username and password every time you try to print to the Follow You printer. 



  • STM Moodle Goes Mobilemoodleapp2

    Take the STM Moodle on the go with the Moodle app. Just download the MY MOODLE app on your smartphone and access your course resources and assignments anywhere.  Simply link the app to the STM Moodle (moodle.stmcougars.net) and log into your account.  Enjoy mobile Moodling.

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